Bone Marrow Transplant

August 19, 2023by Developer Albrandz

Bone marrow is the soft, delicate & spongy tissue found in the central portion of bone that serves as the development and storage site for the body’s blood cells. Bone marrow produces white blood cells that fight infections, red blood cells that carry oxygen, and platelets that stop bleeding during injury. It is overall responsible for the formation of the blood cells. Some certain diseases and treatments damage the bone marrow and hence once require a bone marrow transplant.

A bone marrow transplant is a medical procedure used to replace damaged or diseased bone marrow with healthy bone marrow cells. There are three different types of bone marrow transplant procedures performed in India they are Autologous bone marrow transplant, Allogeneic bone marrow transplant & Umbilical cord blood transplant. The entire bone marrow transplant procedure is similar to donating blood or platelets. Stem cells from the bone marrow are involved in the production of blood cells such as platelets (platelets), white blood cells (white blood cells), and red blood cells (red blood cells) and are injected into the recipient after a short course of chemotherapy. The success of a bone marrow transplant usually depends on the stage and duration of the disease and the patient’s condition at the time of the bone marrow transplant. With modern medical and technological advances, for thalassemia, he/she can expect an 85% cure rate when he/she does BMT at age 3, but it drops to 75% when he does at age 8. On the other hand, the cure rate for refractory leukemia is low (less than 30%).

In India, the success rate for this surgery is high, with over 80% of transplants being successful. This is because the medical technology available in India is on par with other countries and there are many experienced doctors and specialists in the field. The success rate of bone marrow transplantation in India is also aided by the fact that the surgery is relatively cheap compared to other countries. However, on average, the cost of transplantation in India is about a third of what it costs in the United States. This makes India more attractive to those seeking affordable access to this life-saving treatment. Additionally, there are several government initiatives to make this lifesaving treatment more accessible to those who need it. All these factors contribute to the high success rate of bone marrow transplantation in India.

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